Monday, November 14, 2011

EazySmoke.Com - Facts About Herbal Smoking Products

There has been a lot of misinformation or big hype being passed around these days regarding herbal smoke, herbal smoking blends, herbal incense and legal buds. We’ll begin by setting the record straight that smoking herbs have been a part of history for thousands of years, this is ancient history. Herbs have been used for religious, ceremonial and even medical reasons and there is nothing new about them, even today. Ancient civilization has used different herbs, and herbal smoke to bring about relaxed, calming or euphoric states. Herbs have been used also, to enhance a dreaming state of mind or even to produce mental visions.

Over the few years, there’s been a widespread rebirth of interest in herbal smoke products. The harmful effects of cigarette smoking, tobacco and nicotine, coupled with drug testing by companies for controlled substances, has sent many people looking smart alternatives to smoking cigarettes and illegal marijuana.
You need to understand Herbal Smoke is not for everyone. Below are some real facts about smoking rare herbs, exotic herbs, herbal smoke, herbal smoking blends and legal buds, so you can make an informed and personal decision as to whether smoking herbs is the right alternative for you.

The Facts:
The most important point to realize about herbal smoke or legal bud is that they are not fake marijuana or illegal drug and they do not contain any tobacco, nicotine or harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. The term marijuana alternative is often misused on many herbal smoking online sites. It seems on some websites they are sponsoring legal marijuana or another product that is a takeoff of popular street drugs. Marijuana is a USA controlled substance and an illegal drug in all 50 US States.

All of our herbal smokes offered at EazySmoke.Com are composed of all legal herbs and natural botanicals. They don't contain additives of any kind, synthetic chemicals, illegal drugs or pharmaceutical agents. Nor do they contain any prohibited or restricted herbs. This means all of the herbal products are derived from or originate from 100% plant material. What this means to you as a consumer is important. None of our products nor those of any other legitimate herbal smoke online website will produce the high effect like in smoking marijuana because they do not contain any of the chemicals (primarily THC) that cause marijuana high.

Since you are not smoking any illegal substance or a controlled substance you will never test positive on a routine employment drug test.

Each exotic herb, herbal smoke, legal bud and herbal smoking blend has its own personal characteristics. Also, because everyone is different and their chemical makeup plays a direct role in the desired effects you feel, it will vary from person-to-person, herb-to-herb, product-to-product, and manufacturer-to-manufacturer. Meaning each herbal product will taste different and offer various effects depending on the person. Some herbal smoke is harsh, some are strong, and others are mild and smoother. Some have an earthy taste and some are extremely pungent. Some are so different they’re hard to put into words or describe. They only way to really know if herb smoke is right for you is to try different ones. If you know an experienced herbal smoker, then ask for their recommendations. The vast majority of people who do try herb smoking or herbal smoke find them to be extremely pleasurable, fulfilling and tremendously gratifying.

EAZYSMOKE.COM Herbal Smoke and Herbal Smoking Information

People are looking to buy herbal smoke but aren't sure if they are legal in there state. Not all Herbal Smoke offered at your local convenience store or online are safe or legal in every state. You most likely have seen it on the news lately about the ban on some herbal smoking and herbal incense products. Your local convenience store most likely stopped selling some herbal incense or herbal smoke products.  The reason it has been banned is it contains synthetic compound and additives such as JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, JWH-250, CP47, 497, HU-210,AM-694, AM-2201, RCS-4, RCS-8.

You should still take into consideration herbal smoke as an alternative to smoking tobacco or marijuana. There are numerous reasons why people turn to herbal smoking.  The top reason is if you're occupation does any drug testing or are subject to drug testing, then herbal smoking are a great option for you. THC is found in cannabis and is what drug testing is designed to detect.

Since the herbal smoke products offered at contain no THC or synthetic chemicals, the likelihood of you coming up positive in a drug test is zero. The herbal smoking blends offered at are completely legal in every US State because they do not contain any of the prohibited substances, additives, synthetic chemicals, salvia or tobacco.

Plus another reason people purchase herbal smokes is because of the effects. These legal herbs and herbal smoke are actually different varieties of plants that are used through smoking or by burning as incense to experience a comforting and peaceful feeling that is somewhat similar to what marijuana provides. Most quality herbal smoke contain one or more herbs, that when smoked produce a pleasant effect. The effect of these products differs from person to person, though; taking into account their psyche, built, and overall outlook. It would be illegal to say that you can get high, but I can say that it is a sensory experience. Smoking herbal smoke is also a social experience; you get pleasure from loading my hookah or pipe with some and sharing it with friends.

So, there are many reasons to enjoy smoking legal herbs. The number one being that if you purchase it at the right location it is totally legal in the USA. You can buy herbal smoke and feel safe that you are not in jeopardy of arrest or prosecution. So if you're looking for products that can achieve some good effects, then the legal herbs available at eazy smoke are the finest legal alternatives. By purchasing these products, you can experience the best of both worlds of enjoying the pleasure but not dealing with the hassles.